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Password Policy
The following are the rules for the management of the "password to access the reserved area" in line with the security requirements indicated in the CAD
(Digital Administration Code).

  • expires every 90 days and must be renewed periodically;
  • can be made up of a minimum of 8 up to a maximum of 15 characters;
  • it can be composed of letters, excluding accented ones, numbers and non-alphanumeric symbols,
    such as: *, +, §, °, ç, @, ^, ?, =, ), (, /, &, %, $, £, !, |, \, <, >
Also, it is highlighted that:
  • the system is "case sensitive", ie it takes into account the fact that the letters are written in uppercase or lowercase (for example the password acV56 $ pP9G
    is different from acv56 $ pp9g);
  • the user is locked after 8 "eight" attempts to enter the password incorrectly